Saturday, May 23, 2009

Workers thrown under Mystic Lake

Harvey Mackay had a good but short article in the Star Tribune regarding Sam Walton's 10 Secrets to Success. Talking to my former co-workers today I realized how few my former employer adheres to. It's not like Wal-Mart is the biggest company in the world for nothing! It would be wise for employers to check out these tips that Sam left.

Speaking to former co-workers, I am thankful for no longer being there. Their "no talking rule" has become even more strictly enforced. Anyone caught speaking to another co-worker is immediately sent home. If it occurs more than 3 times in a 6 month period of time, the employee is terminated.

Another rule being strictly enforced are more changes towards the W2G tax software. It appears they have changed programs and criteria deemed critical to the Federal governent. Any deviation from 100% accuracy is grounds for punishment. Several supervisors have been fired and a few demoted for inaccuracies. Atypical of Mystic slot specialists are not being fired to the extent that supervisors are for this standard.

They are also asking employees to "watch what they say online." Any discussion of the policies I stated above are grounds for termination. Protecting the company from media scrutiny is so strict that they even put in their newsletter "be careful who you add as friends on social networking sites." Seriously? Is this a Minnesotan employer or did their policy board teleport here from Communist China? Sovereign status does not mean you can set fire to the Constitution on a daily basis.

Another myth they claim is that anything you say online stays forever. They make it sound like if you diss them in an online chat, that they will find out. Kinda gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling when your employer is digitally stalking you.

Anyone considering working for the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community better not have a life outside their job. That is, if you wish to keep it. That and you are considered the equivalent to a slave without the ability to speak working at Mystic Lake. If the secondhand smoke doesn't kill you, the lack of social interaction will.

But to be fair, I should include that Minnesota Monthly claims Mystic Lake as one of the state's best employers. The only reason it stated so was that they have a health clinic on site. They conveniently forgot to mention that they get a lot of advertising dollars from the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, as well as its owners at Minnesota Public Radio. ( Ever get sick of hearing how "philanthropic" they are with giving out automatic defibrillators? )